We meet on Tuesday nights 7 - 9 pm for 4 Sessions per year of 8 - 10 weekly meetings each session

We begin with fellowship together and healthier choice snacks.

Then a time of worship through music, praise dance and/or art.

We then move into teaching God's truth that sets people free in the large group setting.  On certain weeks there will be testimonies of how Jesus is working in the lives of His people.

We then move into small groups where we have an opportunity to Go Deeper with the stuff that was being stirred within us during worship and teaching.  The focus groups help to meet the needs of the members:

Newcomers Group: To provide the history of WBF (how and why we started); provide information about our small groups.  Listen to newcomer and help assess what group would be a good fit. 

Chemical Dependency Group: (drugs or alcohol) If you find that you cannot quit drinking or using drugs entirely, even when   you honestly want to, or if you have little control over the amount you consume, you are probably struggling with a chemical dependency. If that is the case, you may be suffering from a problem that only a spiritual solution will conquer.

Codependency Group: This group is for those struggling with the compulsion to rescue and take care of others, have difficulty setting boundaries, or recognizing their own worth.  Members in this group learn to express their own needs and wants in healthy ways and how to release their loved ones into the trusted hands of God. 

Emotional Brokenness and Food Group: This group is for those who have endured past physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse. Recovery includes healing from the traumas done to us at sometime in our past, as well as healing from the influence these past experiences continue to have on our lives.  Highly palatable foods trigger feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine. Once people experience pleasure associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain's reward pathway from eating certain foods, they quickly feel the need to eat again.  Only Jesus can break the chains of past traumas, hurts and abuse and their hold over our lives.  He frees us from the anxiety, depression, fear and worry that have controlled our thoughts and driven us to unhealthy ways of coping with the pain; and exchanges this for His love, peace, comfort and a sound mind.    


We host Addiction Awareness Events to help raise awareness of this deadly epidemic and to help the growth of the WBF ministry in reaching those who are still struggling.   

We believe that we grow better together in our walk by faith and so we gather together outside of Tuesday nights to fellowship and enjoy life.  We do movie nights, concerts, BBQs, Christmas party, etc...